Taking MLS Photos, the Good and the Bad

July 12, 2011

A Real Estate agents primary job is to help their clients buy and sell homes. Every Minneapolis agent logs onto the local MLS daily. Whether you are a buyers agent and you are searching for properties that may mach your clients search criteria or a listing agent and you are logging into the system to input your properties, using the MLS occurs daily. Not only are agents searching the MLS buy home buyers and the public are searching MLS listings on the Realtors site which is commonly known as IDX data (Internet Data Exchange) or the public side of the MLS data that is available to the public. So knowing that thousands of REALTORĀ® and home buyers are searching the MLS daily, why do some real estate agents not take quality pictures of their clients listings. Sometimes their are even houses and commonly land without pictures at all.

Why would an agent take a picture like the ones below……….

Give me 10 minutes and I will find a handful of pictures just like this one. I guess at least it has a photo, some MLS’s are even imposing fines on real estate agents if they do not at least provide one photo. Which shouldn’t even be a problem if your job title is a real estate agent and you are supposed to represent your sellers best interests. But nonetheless, it is necessary, and lately I have seen at least a few dozen of the default listing photos in the data feed.

Enough with the rant; for home-sellers- Typically when you have more pictures of your property it makes the buyer more curious to see it in person, put it on their list, or scratch it off and not waste any more of your time. If the house looks terrible inside- great, photograph it and market it to investors wanting to fix or flip a house. If it is nice inside, show it off, take lots of pictures, stage it and the house showings will come pouring in. But if you fail to, most internet home shoppers will click right through the listing and not think twice.

A couple more for fun: