Real Estate Information on Steroids!

March 24, 2011

When searching the internet for a home don’t settle for your standard property search.  Realtors have the ability to provide you with more information on their websites, is your home search website providing you with this?

Real estate information is so prevalent these days that  99% of home shoppers are starting their home search on the internet well before they ever contact a Realtor.  Local brokerages and agents provide property searching capabilities on their websites known as IDX or internet data exchange.  IDX property searches get their data directly from the local MLS but the data the public can search is restricted.  Through these IDX property searches it is common ability to search by property type, price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, acreage and even in some cities like Minneapolis for example, sold data.

IDX property searches are becoming of the past and the new buzz word going around is VOW.  So what is the difference between IDX and VOW property searches.  Well in the past, VOW or Virtual Office Website’s were property search portals that provided property searching capabilities only after the end user had logged in or registered on the website.

VOW’s today are IDX searches on steroids.  A VOW today not only lets the end user search and view homes for sale but it also allows the end user to view additional data sets, data sets that in the past were restricted to Realtor’s only.  Some of these data fields include: Sold Data, Original List Price, Price Change History, and Days on Market.

Is your local Realtor providing you with all of the resources and tools they can?

Below you will find a sample screenshot with the additional data sets highlighted:

VOW data