Minnesota Properties Virtual Home Staging

April 5, 2011

How important is virtual staging for Minnesota homeowners looking to sell? Well it makes all the difference. Today, Buyers are starting the home buying process on the internet and so their first impression of your home is through the pictures that your Realtor provides the MN MLS. Since buyers first impression of your property is through the internet, the photos provided must look good because if the photos don’t look good, a buyer simply won’t even consider putting their property on their list of homes to see with their Realtor. Seeing the virtually staged photos gives the buyer a comfortable feeling and a better impression of the home that can create some form of connection between the buyer and the twin cities home for sale in question. Without these pictures, a buyer would just be looking at an empty room of walls and floors.

The media and other news channels make it seem as though houses are not being sold these days but the realty is that there are always home buyers and sellers creating supply and demand for new homes. My advice is to understand the market and the rules of the game. Marketing a Minneapolis home today is all about the listing exposure your Realtor can help you get as well as the first impression your property makes through the internet on your prospective MN home buyers. Study the most recent sales, price your house accordingly to accomplish your sales price you desire. Notice I said sales price, MN home buyers today are looking for deals. It does not matter what other properties and your property is listed for, it matters what these MN properties actually sell for so do your research, contact a Realtor to help you out and of course, virtually stage your property to maximize the home sale price.