Minneapolis Home Sales Recovery

March 10, 2011

Minneapolis housing recovery may seem like a long shot with record foreclosures and steep unemployment, but history indicates that a more balanced market for MN real estate is in our future.

MN real estate is and always will be cyclical. Recent numbers show that Minneapolis real estate has seen gains in new home sales, increasing activity among buyers, and ongoing efforts to streamline the buying process remind us that this downturn may be short lived.

The improvements we have seen in the local market place might not be something to get to excited about just yet, but it seems as though we are heading in the right direction which is important to restore confidence in consumers and industry experts.

Experts are saying that, 2011 will be better than 2010, but only slightly. In the years to come, we should see that MN real estate and Minneapolis homes for sale should see healthier trends rather that to return to the abnormal boom we saw in the mid

Minneapolis home sales and prices are driven by supply and demand which is directly related to the buyers who are regaining their confidence.

As the damage caused by unhealthy loans and consumers living beyond their means, Minnesota homeowners will be managing responsible mortgage terms and once again be selling homes with equity.