Lake Forest Homes For Sale

March 2, 2012

Search Lake Forest real estate and homes for sale in St Louis Park, MN at  Find Lake Forest St Louis Park homes for sale including single family homes, condos, lofts, and townhomes.

Lake Forest real estate lies just south of the Burlington Northern Railroad to north of Cedarwood Road and just to the east of Hwy 100.  Lake Forest is an older more mature  home development in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis area.  Occupying 179 acres you will find 22% of this area being parks and open space, .0% commercial and industrial, and 12 total blocks of residential homes for sale in this St Louis Park neighborhood.  Within this 22 blocks of residential houses, 196 housing units made up of 636 single family homes and 28 duplexes and over 1,100 apartment units.  The Average home in this area was built in 1952 which is a bit newer than other St Louis Park real estate for sale.


At the time of writing this SLP Blog Article, there were approximately 9 St Louis Park homes for sale, all of them single family properties and not one forclosed home.


This residential neighborhood is a great place to look for a home for sale.  Whether looking to sell a home or buy a home in St Louis Park, contact real estate agent Jan Worthen today.


  • North: Burlington Northern Railroad
  • South: 25½ Street, Twin Lake, Cedarwood Road
  • East: France Avenue
  • West: Highway 100

Neighborhood Characteristics

  • Lake Forest was subdivided in the late 1930’s with a few houses being built each year until fully developed.
  • Twin Lakes and its wetlands are located in Lake Forest. Lake Forest shares Twin Lakes Park with the Fern Hill neighborhood.
  • Lake Forest is primarily single-family homes (196).
  • Lake Forest occupies 197.6 acres (12 blocks residential).
  • Parks and open space – 22 percent
  • Commercial/industrial – 0 percent
  • The average year built (single family houses) was 1951

Upcoming Events

  • There are no events at this time.  Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting and participated in the STEP food drive.

Neighborhood Association Contact

  • The Lake Forest neighborhood boasts one of the oldest neighbors’ groups in St. Louis Park. The group was formed back in the 1950’s. Since 1996, the neighborhood association has hosted an annual summer gathering. They also have an active garden club and produce a regular neighborhood newsletter. Contact neighborhood president Sharon Abelson at (952) 927-0410 for more information.