St Louis Park, Edina and Minneapolis MN Homes With Pools

May 17, 2012

If you or someone you know is looking to buy a MN Pool home.  Maybe in St Louis Park or Edina.  Send them to to search using our pool searches below.  Not only will you be able to perform these property searches, you will also be able to find houses through our MN Lifestyle search and view original list price, days on market and price change history.

St Louis Park Homes with Pools:

St Louis Park has some 232 listings available at any given time.  For the most part, these are single family homes but there are also condos available here and there.  Click the link below to view this real estate with pools:

St Louis Park Pool Homes

Edina Homes With Pools:

There are approximately 135 total listings in Edina right now.  Of those 135 listings, 48 are single family homes, 75 are condos and the rest are townhouses, land and commercial.  Of those 135 total listings there are approximately 28 with pools.  Click the link below to view these Edina Homes with pools:

Edina Homes With Pools

Minneapolis Homes with Pools:

If you are looking for your next home to provide an escape away from the public lakes, look no further.  Minneapolis generally does not offer to many homes for sale with pools as the Minneapolis homes do not have big back yards.  This does not however mean that you will not find a  pool home in Minneapolis.  66 of the listings are condos with pools, 6 of the listings are single family homes.  Click the link below to see Minneapolis homes with pools:

Minneapolis Homes with Pools

About MN Pool Homes:

The heat is coming in Minneapolis, and many homeowners are eyeing swimming pools as one way to beat it. Those turquoise water holes can sometimes provide value in a home as well as deter clients.

Most Real-estate experts will however agree that adding a pool to your property will reap rewards both in the short term as well as down the road when it comes time to sell. Some of the short term benefits would be enhanced quality of life through recreational enjoyment of the back yard while others might be just a way to get away and cool off from those hot summer projects in a private setting. The long-term benefits would be the importance the water plays in the selling of the home.

I think that most homebuyers consider swimming pools to be an upgrade to a house, although they have to be maintained the benefits typically will outweigh the costs. If you have a pool already installed, it typically is considered a plus as pools not only provide a tropical escape in home ownership but the also provide a place to workout and exercise.

Pools can serve as a great way for entertainment as well as a reason to have people over to hang out.  When adding a pool to your home you own consider some advice from the experts.


Keep in mind that any swimming pool is going to take up a good chunck of the back yard especially if you are rocking a home in Edina, St Louis Park or Minneapolis for that matter, most of these cities do not provide a lot of room to play with. A great way to deal with the loss of yard is to work on a nice setup for landscaping including plants, shrubs, wood chips, rock and other landscaping essentials. Hearty plants requiring minimal watering and shedding the least amount of leaves work the best as this can contribute to the time you spend cleaning your pool.


Think past the traditional oval or rectangle pools.  Todays pool contractors are able to do a whole host of nifty tricks to maximize your homes backyard space including waterfalls, rocks, planters and even hot tubs connected to the pool itself.  Today’s pool contractors do much more than carve a giant hole in the ground and line it with Diamond Brite.

Minneapolis Condo with Pool






Edina pool homes

Wayzata Pool Home
Wayzata MN pool Picture