Aspen Air, Duct Pros Review; NOT GOOD

November 16, 2012

MN Aspen Air AKA Duct Pros Review

I wanted to take a brief moment away from my real estate blogging and write about an experience I had with Minneapolis  air duct cleaning  Aspen Air also now known as duct pros.  While typically on my blog I write about Minneapolis and the real estate industry, I thought I would write about an experience I had with this air duct cleaning company Aspen Air as it is not uncommon for me to recommend companies to my home buyers that I have a good experience with and to write about ones I have had bad experiences with.

IF you do not want to read the entire article here is the summary:

I would not recommend using Aspen Air Duct Pros Air Duct Cleaning!


Background on my home:

I purchased my home in September of 2008.  It was a foreclosure and need a lot of work.  The previous homeowner had 8 cats in the house and needless to say I have always have had an allergic reaction to Cats.  Knowing this ahead of time, I need a good air duct cleaning company to come out and clean my air ducts and other vents.  Some time around the later half of 2008 I hired a company to clean my air ducts, this company was NOT ASPEN AIR it was a company by the name of best air duct cleaning out of St Paul.  Duct Pros came over and cleaned my vents no problem.

 Why I chose Aspen Air aka (Duct Pros):

Fast forward 4 years later, it is now February of 2012, I have renovated my  house numerous times and it is time for an air vent clean out.  I notice on Groupon that Aspen Air (duct pros) is offering a “basic duct cleaning with furnace inspection or tune-up for $39.  The Groupon was described as follows:

The Deal

$39 for a basic duct cleaning plus a furnace inspection ($149.95 value)
$59 for a basic duct cleaning plus a furnace tune-up ($299.90 value)

  • Good for all vents and returns
  • Air pressure cleans all registers and branch duct lines
  • Air-snake procedure cleans all main trunk lines
  • A 6-inch truck-mounted vacuum sucks up dust and allergens
  • All access holes will be closed when staffers complete the job
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

Though Aspen Air sometimes features a discounted price online, this Groupon still offers the best deal available.

Aspen Air

The licensed technicians at Aspen Air install, repair, and clean ducts and furnaces, earning themselves the Technician Seal of Safety for their commitment to professionalism and always-offered satisfaction guarantee. Equipped with a truck-mounted vacuum and an air snake, staffers flush out duct and trunk lines with 200-psi air pressure to ensure that they’re free from dust, allergens, and alien invaders masquerading as dust and allergens.

My Experience with Aspen Air (Duct Pros)

My wife called up Aspen Air to use our Groupon to clean out our air ducts.  Aspen Air/Duct Pros sent out two technicians to our house.  After walking through our St. Louis Park house my wife showed them to our basement to show them where the furnace was in order for them to start their cleaning.  The technicians looked around for a bit, and then ten minutes later walked upstairs to tell my wife the bad news.  The technicians claimed that they could not clean our air ducts because there was asbestos in their way.  While I understand that no technician wants to ruffle up asbestos for good reason, this was certainly not the case.  The technicians noticed some asbestos that was not on the furnace but was up in the rafters of our ceiling.  They used this to get out of doing the work on our house and most likely because we bought a Groupon and were not paying full price.

Fine, if you don’t want to clean air ducts like your company advertised like it would do then just refund our money.  NO, they convinced my wife to give them the Groupon in exchange for them to clean out our dryer vent instead.  When I found this out, I was furious.  I had replaced the dryer vent with all new duct work 2 weeks prior.  They basically just used that as an excuse so they did not have to bring in all of their air duct equipment into our house and were off with the rest of their day.

I then called the Aspen Air ducts manager and told him my story.  He explained that the technicians had to make a judgement call and that they must have not felt safe.  I explained that the asbestos was not on the air ducts nor was it around it.  The Manager said he would call me back and he never did.  I will tell you why he never did, because he had already gotten our money/Groupon.

This was the worst experience with an air duct company I have ever had.  It is companies like this that treat the consumer the way they did that will reap what they sew.  I work with clients buying houses on a regular basis.  I will never recommend aspen air to any of my real estate clients I do business with. They may think that they have just lost business from one client but I will make sure to never recommend Aspen Air to any of my clients. They clearly had taken advantage of the situation.

Aspen Air Duct Pros Groupon image below:


Aspen Air Duct Pros